Top Iconic Dishes to Try in USA

Each country has its traditional dish, a meal that symbolizes the landscape and culture of the land. USA is home to some of the world’s finest dishes, but what should you eat and where?

Before you escape to your next destination, make sure you know what you will be eating by checking out these six iconic dishes.

Fenkata (Malta)

Fenkata (rabbit stew) is one of Malta’s most famous dishes. The rabbit is marinated during the night in wine and bay leaves, and cooked with Maltese potatoes. If you’re really adventurous, you can also find fenkata with horsemeat.

Lampredotto (Florence, Italy)

Lampredotto is a Florentine tradition filled with sliced ​​tripe, salsa verde (spicy sauce) and a crispbread. Tripe is the edible lining of a cow gut – it’s the fifth stomach! We have seen it traditionally as a peasant food, but at the beginning of the 21st century it is now a hipster snack.

Paella (Spain)

The Spanish paella comes from Valencia and contains different combinations of meat, such as rabbit, morcilla (a kind of pudding), chicken and snails. If you really want to try something different, then try rabbits and snails for their exquisite flavor.

Bacalhau (Portugal)

Bacalhau (salt cod fish) is a national obsession in Portugal. This iconic dish is served in restaurants and cafes across the country and is an indispensable food. Make sure you have your salt cod with a bottle of green wine from Alentejo, Dão or Douro.

Schnitzel (Germany and Austria)

Whether you prefer traditional veal escalope or variation of pork and beef, you will have to try schnitzel at least once on holiday. The slices of breaded meat are extremely tasty and served hot or cold in every city in Austria and Germany.

Fish and chips (United Kingdom)

The “Fish and Chips” is a classic British dish served in the newspapers of the day before. Always sold at an affordable price and available in almost every city in the UK, this hot, tasty and unpretentious dish is even better served with a beer.


While it is not certain that Italy is the place where this delicious and simple dish originated, it is the city of Naples in Italy where the popularization and internationalization of pasta and lasagna is awarded. It is a dish very versatile and with endless variations, just choose a different sauce you can have a very diverse gastronomic experience, as well as if you prefer to add seafood or ground beef. It is undoubtedly a delicacy and a very easy way to approach international food.


It comes from India and means salsa in Tamil (language of an ethnic group from the south of this country). Coming from a small region, it was until the curry came into the hands of the English, which was marketed to various parts of the world. Using it is the best way to give an exotic touch to a dish, as it is a seasoning with a very pungent flavor and a little spicy. You can add it to rice, chicken or some stew; Whatever you decide to experiment with, this ingredient will take you to taste the true flavor of the Middle East.

Top Five Best Holiday Activities to Try in the U.S

Knowing that holidays are not the kind of days that occur so frequently, it is quite understandable how badly we want to make the most of our short times, raring make memories that would perhaps last forever.

Hitting the road on holidays has become a lot easier over the recent years with special thanks to the availability of rental cars from great places like Rental24h car rental services. So, having a bad car or no car at all is not enough to stop you from going on that ride.
Let’s say the United States is your site of adventure, you want to drive to interesting places, catch some sights, breath a different air, et cetera, right here on this post, we bring you some awesome suggestions with respect to holiday activities in the U.S.

1. Sandboarding in Colorado

The Great Sand Dunes National Park packs a lot of fun and excitement for everyone. Just like snowboarding, sandboarding is such a great stuff to do during the holidays.
Once you’ve got yourself the right gear such as a sandboard, a helmet, and knee and elbow pads, you’ll be ready to have fun on the tallest dune in the United States.

2. Raft through the Grand Canyon

A raft ride through the Grand Canyon promises to be a trip of a lifetime. The Grand Canyon is such an amazing site, one of the best in the United States. It draws millions of visitors every year. This should be a testament to how amazing this place is.
Experience the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon from within its walls, through the vibrant whitewater of the Colorado River. It’s amazing and should be on your bucket list.

3. Kayaking in the Indian River Lagoon

Kayaking has become so popular over the recent years. It is a great way to explore the waters and kayak fishing can make it a lot more fun.
The Indian River Lagoon is such a great place to go kayaking. You will see dolphins springing from random angles, you’ll see beautiful manatees, cranes, and a lot more. It’s a mind-blowing scenery, filled with a fantastic experience.

4. Tour Round Yellowstone on Horseback

Fancy some horse riding? Then get it on at any parks such as the Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is particularly special because Wyoming is a home for cowboys, and it’s a great place to get a taste of what the cowboy life feels like.
The lush fields and the glorious mountain scenery will leave you speechless. Horse riding can be fun, filling yourself with a raw American Wild West riding experience is not a bad idea at all.

5. Snorkeling

If you’re a lover of the ocean, exploring the beautiful world underneath the ocean is something you can give a shot. There are so many things under the water, and there is no telling what you will discover each time you take the dive. You get to see colorful fishes, boisterous coral reefs, and various sea plants.
Awesome Snorkeling experience can be had at various spots in the U.S such as Florida’s Crystal River, Santa Catalina Island in California, among others.


There is a load of fun in the United States. It is a great place to spend your holidays alone or with friends and family. There is no running out of options when it comes to deciding what sort of activities you want to get yourself into.
It all begins with a trip to the city of your adventure using your car or a rented car from Rental24h car rental services, then making memories should be next on the list.

The Secrets of Texas: 5 Brilliant Sights to Visit in Dallas

Dallas is a relatively young city founded in 1841. As a commercial center of the region, Dallas accommodates offices of all major global companies and well-known industrial plants.

However, Dallas is attractive not only for the original architecture of the modern headquarters buildings of large corporations and business centers. It’s interesting for travelers with Victorian, modernist and neoclassical architecture, as well as offers an extensive collection of other unique attractions. Well, it will be a great idea to rent a car in Dallas and discover the following 5 brilliant sights situated in this fabulous city…

Dallas Museum of Art

This is a real cultural epicenter of Dallas downtown. The extensive collection of the museum includes about 25 thousand art objects: the oldest of them date back to the 3rd millennium BC, and the newest ones – to today. It contains remarkable examples of decorative art from all over the world.

So, the selection of ancient Mediterranean art is presented with the artifacts of the Egyptian, Greek, and Cycladic civilizations.


The South Asian cultural objects contain a variety of subjects of Buddhist art (2-4 centuries AD), and the art of India’s Mughal period (15-19 centuries).

Exhibits of the African collection were obtained from Western and Central Africa and date mainly from the 17th till 21st centuries.

Of course, the samples of modern American art are also presented in the museum. They include paintings, sculptures, and drawings of the colonial period and the period of the World War II.

In addition, the museum owns a large collection of arts and crafts, consisting of more than 8,500 masterpieces majorly from Europe and America.

Address: 1717 N Harwood St

Admission: major expositions – free of charge, special exhibitions – $16 adults, $12 students, kids under 11 – free of charge


Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

This unique bridge walks across Trinity River. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge connects Woodall Rogers Freeway and Singleton Boulevard. This is a cable-stayed bridge of a total length of 570 meters. The length of the major span is 365 meters, and the height of the bridge at the highest point is 122 meters. In 2010 the main arch with a height of 40-storey house was decorated with a central curved span that now is one of the most visible elements of Dallas landscape.

a Calatrava Bridge - Dallas TX

By the way, there’s also Continental Avenue Bridge, which runs parallel to the main bridge and designed especially for pedestrians. If you want to walk along it, then the easiest way is to reach it via Singleton Boulevard.

Address: TX-366 Spur, Dallas


Bank of America Plaza

This building is the tallest Dallas’ skyscraper and the third tallest construction in Texas. Its height is 280 meters, and it includes 72 floors. The skyscraper in the style of late modernism began to be built in 1983 and its construction completed in just two years.

Took this from a car window, It's the Bank of America Plaza on Main St. Dallas.

(photo by Keren Melgarejo)

The original architectural project included two 72-storey towers, as well as a 600-room hotel and a parking lot. In addition, the skyscraper should be decorated with the pyramids and a silver false wall. In the process of work, the plans were significantly changed, so that “Bank of America Plaza” became blue building with gray marble stripes. The decreasing of oil prices forced customers to abandon the building both of the second tower and the hotel, and the parking lot was turned into Belo Garden Public Park.

The last renovation of the skyscraper took place in 2013. According to it, the original green backlight was replaced with multicolored LEDs. Although Bank of America Plaza is not available to public, it still offers fantastic views for your camera in the evening.

Address: 901 Main St


The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

This gorgeous botanical complex occupies more than 250 thousand square meters and is located on the southeastern shore of White Rock Lake. You will find there a huge number of different gardens, and this spectacular view is complemented by a stunning panorama of the lake and the landscape of Dallas downtown.
In addition, the Dallas arboretum has an open-air scene, picnic areas and the collection of miniature copies of houses and other buildings that form a copy Texas ancient settlement on the prairie.

Photo forum outing: iPhone 6+ pics

The garden is a home for more than 2 thousand species of azaleas, which represent an amazing sight in combination with tulips in spring. By the way, bananas, tapioca and chrysanthemums complement the incredible beauty of the garden.

The latest innovation of the arboretum is the visitors’ center. It features a souvenir shop, a patio and a summer house, where you can see how skyscrapers are reflected in the water of a pond at night.

Address: 8525 Garland Rd

Admission: $15 adults, $10 kids 3-12


NorthPark Center

It’s a huge top-class indoor shopping mall accommodates about 250 shops and restaurants. NorthPark Center is the first shopping complex mentioned in Vogue magazine – its annual sales turnover is more than one billion USD. In the list of the biggest shopping complexes in the US, NorthPark Center ranks among the top 20.

The project of the center was carefully thought-out in terms of the interior. It even received the award of the American Institute of Architects as the first US shopping center, where a separate space is provided for the demonstration of collections of art objects. The tradition to hold art exhibitions in the center continues to this day.

Naturally, it’s not possible to list all the stores that are open in NorthPark Center. The hugest and constantly working are H&M, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

Address: 8687 N Central Expy


Places in Florida that will leave a mark

If you are planning a family vacation, Florida might be the perfect destination for you. It has an equal number of attractions for both adults and children. There are a few places where you must go to if you ever step foot in the state that is Florida.

Florida, the state:

Florida has been hosting more than a hundred million tourists on average, for the past three years. The biggest tourist attractions in Florida include beaches and amusement parks. Florida is also home to the world renowned Disney World. As soon as you land in Florida, the best decision you can make is to go to a car rental and get a car because you just cannot miss out on the family experience by using a taxi service. There are a lot of cities to go to and you should not be spending money on air fares because the cities like Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee and Orlando are relatively closer to each other.

Amusement Parks:

Every kid dreams to go to the Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Disney world never disappoints and the children get a chance to meet all of their favorite Disney characters. Apart from taking pictures with their favorite movie princes and princesses, the children enjoy too. Once you enter the Disney world you can go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well. You should also go to the Grand Prix Tampa in Tampa which covers an area of 15 acres and looks like heaven. You can also go to Jungle Island which is home to 3,000 different animal species.


Whenever someone talks about going to Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous South Beach. So if there is one place that you must visit in Florida, it is the South Beach. You simply cannot miss out on that. Even if you have visited the Miami Beach you still need to pay a visit to the Siesta Beach because it gives the Miami Beach a run for its money. And if you go to a car rental and get a car then visiting different places should not be a problem for you.

Sports Events:

The city of Miami is very proud of its Football and Basketball teams, namely the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat. So no matter which team you support in the NBA and NFL you should always go the Heat’s NBA game as well as the Dolphin’s game.

Although the beaches, the amusement parks and the sports events might be enough for some people, there are a few places that you should visit with your family because you would not find anything like those places anywhere else in the USA.

1) The Kennedy Space Center: It is located between Jacksonville and Miami, it is used as a launching pad

by NASA and is a place worth seeing. So if you get a car from a car rental, you can easily go to this place.

2) St. Augustine: It is one of the most historically rich cities in USA and a visit there will not disappoint.

3) Butterfly World: The name is pretty self-explanatory, you do not come across places like that normally.