Top Iconic Dishes to Try in USA

Each country has its traditional dish, a meal that symbolizes the landscape and culture of the land. USA is home to some of the world’s finest dishes, but what should you eat and where?

Before you escape to your next destination, make sure you know what you will be eating by checking out these six iconic dishes.

Fenkata (Malta)

Fenkata (rabbit stew) is one of Malta’s most famous dishes. The rabbit is marinated during the night in wine and bay leaves, and cooked with Maltese potatoes. If you’re really adventurous, you can also find fenkata with horsemeat.

Lampredotto (Florence, Italy)

Lampredotto is a Florentine tradition filled with sliced ​​tripe, salsa verde (spicy sauce) and a crispbread. Tripe is the edible lining of a cow gut – it’s the fifth stomach! We have seen it traditionally as a peasant food, but at the beginning of the 21st century it is now a hipster snack.

Paella (Spain)

The Spanish paella comes from Valencia and contains different combinations of meat, such as rabbit, morcilla (a kind of pudding), chicken and snails. If you really want to try something different, then try rabbits and snails for their exquisite flavor.

Bacalhau (Portugal)

Bacalhau (salt cod fish) is a national obsession in Portugal. This iconic dish is served in restaurants and cafes across the country and is an indispensable food. Make sure you have your salt cod with a bottle of green wine from Alentejo, Dão or Douro.

Schnitzel (Germany and Austria)

Whether you prefer traditional veal escalope or variation of pork and beef, you will have to try schnitzel at least once on holiday. The slices of breaded meat are extremely tasty and served hot or cold in every city in Austria and Germany.

Fish and chips (United Kingdom)

The “Fish and Chips” is a classic British dish served in the newspapers of the day before. Always sold at an affordable price and available in almost every city in the UK, this hot, tasty and unpretentious dish is even better served with a beer.


While it is not certain that Italy is the place where this delicious and simple dish originated, it is the city of Naples in Italy where the popularization and internationalization of pasta and lasagna is awarded. It is a dish very versatile and with endless variations, just choose a different sauce you can have a very diverse gastronomic experience, as well as if you prefer to add seafood or ground beef. It is undoubtedly a delicacy and a very easy way to approach international food.


It comes from India and means salsa in Tamil (language of an ethnic group from the south of this country). Coming from a small region, it was until the curry came into the hands of the English, which was marketed to various parts of the world. Using it is the best way to give an exotic touch to a dish, as it is a seasoning with a very pungent flavor and a little spicy. You can add it to rice, chicken or some stew; Whatever you decide to experiment with, this ingredient will take you to taste the true flavor of the Middle East.

Dawn Nichols

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