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The Secrets of Texas: 5 Brilliant Sights to Visit in Dallas

Dallas is a relatively young city founded in 1841. As a commercial center of the region, Dallas accommodates offices of all major global companies and well-known industrial plants.

However, Dallas is attractive not only for the original architecture of the modern headquarters buildings of large corporations and business centers. It’s interesting for travelers with Victorian, modernist and neoclassical architecture, as well as offers an extensive collection of other unique attractions. Well, it will be a great idea to rent a car in Dallas and discover the following 5 brilliant sights situated in this fabulous city…

Dallas Museum of Art

This is a real cultural epicenter of Dallas downtown. The extensive collection of the museum includes about 25 thousand art objects: the oldest of them date back to the 3rd millennium BC, and the newest ones – to today. It contains remarkable examples of decorative art from all over the world.

So, the selection of ancient Mediterranean art is presented with the artifacts of the Egyptian, Greek, and Cycladic civilizations.


The …

Places in Florida that will leave a mark

Places in Florida that will leave a mark

If you are planning a family vacation, Florida might be the perfect destination for you. It has an equal number of attractions for both adults and children. There are a few places where you must go to if you ever step foot in the state that is Florida.

Florida, the state:

Florida has been hosting more than a hundred million tourists on average, for the past three years. The biggest tourist attractions in Florida include beaches and amusement parks. Florida is also home to the world renowned Disney World. As soon as you land in Florida, the best decision you can make is to go to a car rental and get a car because you just cannot miss out on the family experience by using a taxi service. There is a lot of cities to go to and you should not be spending money on air fares because the cities like Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee and Orlando are relatively closer to each other.

Amusement Parks:

Every kid dreams to go to