Places in Florida that will leave a mark

Places in Florida that will leave a mark

If you are planning a family vacation, Florida might be the perfect destination for you. It has an equal number of attractions for both adults and children. There are a few places where you must go to if you ever step foot in the state that is Florida.

Florida, the state:

Florida has been hosting more than a hundred million tourists on average, for the past three years. The biggest tourist attractions in Florida include beaches and amusement parks. Florida is also home to the world renowned Disney World. As soon as you land in Florida, the best decision you can make is to go to a car rental and get a car because you just cannot miss out on the family experience by using a taxi service. There is a lot of cities to go to and you should not be spending money on air fares because the cities like Tampa, Miami, Tallahassee and Orlando are relatively closer to each other.

Amusement Parks:

Every kid dreams to go to the Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Disney world never disappoints and the children get a chance to meet all of their favorite Disney characters. Apart from taking pictures with their favorite movie princes and princesses, the children enjoy too. Once you enter the Disney world you can go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well. You should also go to the Grand Prix Tampa in Tampa which covers an area of 15 acres and looks like heaven. You can also go to Jungle Island which is home to 3,000 different animal species.


Whenever someone talks about going to Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous South Beach. So if there is one place that you must visit in Florida, it is the South Beach. You simply cannot miss out on that. Even if you have visited the Miami Beach you still need to pay a visit to the Siesta Beach because it gives the Miami Beach a run for its money. And if you go to a car rental and get a car then visiting different places should not be a problem for you.

Sports Events:

The city of Miami is very proud of its Football and Basketball teams, namely the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat. So no matter which team you support in the NBA and NFL you should always go the Heat’s NBA game as well as the Dolphin’s game.

Although the beaches, the amusement parks and the sports events might be enough for some people, there are a few places that you should visit with your family because you would not find anything like those places anywhere else in the USA.

1) The Kennedy Space Center: It is located between Jacksonville and Miami, it is used as a launching pad

by NASA and is a place worth seeing. So if you get a car from a car rental, you can easily go to this place.

2) St. Augustine: It is one of the most historically rich cities in USA and a visit there will not disappoint.

3) Butterfly World: The name is pretty self-explanatory, you do not come across places like that normally.

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